Expert Theatre
Wednesday 27 June 12:15

Working with cultural diversity.

The blending of quintessential English, European, Middle Eastern and Oriental artefacts can create a distinct yet timeless interior.  BIID member and interior designer, Eliská Sapera, will be discussing how opulent key pieces provide reference points that anchor a design in a global context, as well as providing physical examples to illustrate her ideas.  

Eliská Sapera

With over 30 years of design experience, Eliská Sapera's interior design work is known and in demand internationally. Eliská began her design career in the fashion industry, translating her success in this across to interiors and home styling.

Eliská is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design, a BIID Registered Interior Designer and an affiliate member of RIBA. Eliská featured in the Sunday Times as one of the Top 30 Interior Designers in England, whilst her London based practise has been shortlisted for the International Hotel and Property Awards.

Eliská is renowened for her skilful ability to combine the contemporary with the traditional to create a unique, timeless look. Reflective of her refined, global tastes Eliská brings an intelligent approach to reading different cultures and converting into design. Eliská seeks to blend quintessential English, European, Middle Eastern and Oriental features, to create a distinct yet enduring interior design style.