Expert Theatre
Sunday 24 June 12:15

‘Beata Heuman, House & Garden’s Designer of the Year 2018, discusses her design philosophy with Elizabeth Metcalfe, House & Garden’. 

This talk will explore Beata’s influences, where to start with a scheme, how to use colour, decorating for small spaces and how to work to a budget.


Beata Heuman
Elizabeth Metcalfe

Beata Heuman’s studio is known for its playful and original work. Ranked by House and Garden as one of the top 100 Designers and awarded their inaugural Interior Designer of the Year 2018 Award, the team strives to create beautiful interiors – with a Scandinavian attention to detail and longevity. In the course of a lifetime one gathers a multitude of views, experiences and objects. The home should make it possible to take in all of these things. We look at the past as well as the present for inspiration to create layered and balanced designs that stand the test of time.

In addition to interior design work, the studio has a growing collection of its own fabrics, wallpapers, lighting and furniture.