There's No Place Like Home:
American Scene Painting (1850s- 1940s) in the Sinquefield Collection

For the first time outside the USA, Missouri-based philanthropists Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield, will exhibit their private collection of works by famed American Regionalist artists.  This is a unique opportunity for British audiences to explore one of the great private collections of the American mid-west and discover the masterpieces from the era of the Great Depression. 

The exhibition includes work by famed Regionalists Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, and Grant Wood, as well as paintings by John Atherton, Joe Jones and John Rogers Cox, who like their more celebrated colleagues, interpreted the reality of the heartland with passion, vigor, and poignancy. Also included are an earlier generation of American painters, including George Caleb Bingham and Carl Wimar.  These artists attempted to establish a distinctive American pictorial language and capture new facets of the American experience; theirs was a patriotic - even political - style and civic engagement flows beneath the surface of many works. In the 20th century these artists reacted against European modernism in an attempt to establish a unique perspective and particular societal concerns.

"The interest in the American countryside and the beauty and mystery of the land is the common thread that ties it all together.   When I step back.... I see an affirmation of my belief in America, the American dream.  With hard work, anything is possible.   The lyricism and beauty of the countryside I live in here in Missouri makes that evident every day, and these artists capture the spirit of possibility." - Rex Sinquefield


Two walks will be hosted around >Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield private collection during the Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair. 

MONDAY 22 JUNE 2015 - Melissa Wolfe, American Curator of the St. Louis Art Museum will give a brief history of American painting from 1850's-1950's, specifically how the American Regionalists challenged it. 

THURSDAY 25 JUNE 2015 - Amon Carter Director, Andrew Walker converses with Sinquefield Art Curator, Susan Barrett about the inspiration and goals for the American Regionalism collection.

About Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield

Rex Sinquefield, commonly referred to as “one of the world’s leading financial gurus” by a wide variety of investment experts, including Peter Tanous and Jim Cramer, now spends his most of his time and resources dedicated to philanthropic causes and public policy change in Missouri.

Raised in Saint Vincent Orphanage in Saint Louis, Sinquefield earned a business degree from Saint Louis University and a Masters in Business Administration from  the  University  of  Chicago, studying under Eugene Fama, the father of efficient markets. He went on to develop some of the nation’s first index funds, which trust, rather than “outsmart” the market. Along with associate David Booth, Sinquefield formed Dimensional Fund Advisors in 1981, which today oversees more than $350 billion in global assets.

After retiring in 2005, Sinquefield returned to his home state of Missouri, to use his experience to invest in more philanthropic ventures. He co-founded and serves as president of the not-for-profit organization the Show-Me Institute (SMI), the state’s only free-market think tank. SMI engages in scholarly research and promotes sensible market solutions for state and local policies, such as eminent domain, education, corporate welfare and healthcare and promotes sensible market solutions for state and local policies.

Sinquefield dedicates much of his time working on improving educational opportunities for every Missouri child, regardless of social and economic background. His commitment to education recently was brought together with another longtime passion, the game of chess. In 2007, the Sinquefields founded the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, a venue where newcomers can learn the game and gurus can compete in local and national tournaments. Recognizing the cognitive and behavioral benefits of the game for students, one of the key missions of the Center is to promote and grow scholastic chess programs in area schools, especially the Saint Louis Public School System. In September 2011, the Sinquefields moved the World Chess Hall of Fame to a location directly across the street from the Chess Club. The historic 15,000-square- foot building features displays of artifacts from the permanent collection, as well as temporary exhibitions highlighting the great players, historic games and rich cultural history of chess.

On the political front, Sinquefield has worked to rebuild the state’s economy by supporting initiatives to reduce personal and small business income tax rates, return local control of the police department to the City of St. Louis, and provide greater school choice options for children who attend failing schools.
In 2014, along with co-authors Art Laffer, Stephen Moore and Travis H. Brown, Sinquefield released An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States, which provides historical data in support of the idea that eliminating or lowering state tax burdens leads to economic growth and wealth creation.

Sinquefield is a life trustee of DePaul University and serves on the following boards:
Missouri Botanical Garden
Missouri History Museum
Opera Theatre of St. Louis
Saint Louis Art Museum Saint Louis Symphony
Contemporary Art Museum
Saint Louis Saint Louis University

He also is the recipient of numerous awards for scholarship and service, including an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.

Susan Barrett, President, Barrett Barrera Projects

Susan Barrett is the founder and President of Barrett Barrera Projects. Susan founded Barrett Barrera Projects in 2014 after recognizing a need for a consulting firm that specializes not only in arts, culture, and cross-disciplinary advisory services, but also provides expertise on contemporary fashion objects and the increasingly accepted position of avant-garde fashion pieces in the fine arts industry.

In addition, Susan serves as the President of RKL Consulting, an art-consulting firm, and continues to be instrumental in developing a private collection focusing on American Regionalism for a prominent St. Louis arts philanthropists, Dr. Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield.

Susan has nearly 20 years' experience working in the arts, including publishing, museum and gallery leadership, and art education. Susan’s most recent position was that of Executive Director of the World Chess Hall of Fame. Under her leadership, the World Chess Hall of Fame was relocated to St. Louis and presented the work of nationally and internationally recognized artists, designers and craftsmen, including those featured in  A Queen Within, an exhibition that explored feminine archetypes and storytelling through avant-garde fashion design. Susan was also instrumental in establishing the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. Prior to her position at the World Chess Hall of Fame, Susan worked at Metro's Arts in Transit managing the Cross-County art projects and installations.

Susan is a graduate of Washington University, where she holds a Master of Architecture, a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Arts and French, and a Bachelor of Fine Art. Susan is  an active board member at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Laumeier Sculpture Park, Southside Day Nursery, White Flag Projects, Arts in Transit, Sheldon Art Galleries, the World Chess Hall of Fame, the Saint Louis Fashion Fund and is an appointed member of the Airport Arts Commission.

Image: Thomas Hart Benton, Politics, Farming, and Law in Missouri, 1935, tempera and oil on board, Sinquefield Collection












Image: Rex Sinquefield
Image: Jeanne Sinquefield








Image: Susan Barrett