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These thought-provoking talks will cover a variety of topics including interiors, gardens, art, ceramics, notable artists and collections, and much more. 

Experts Theatre 2019

Fri 21 Jun 12:30 to 13:15

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Virginia Clark
Digital Features Editor, House & Garden
Matilda Goad
Creative Consultant and Homewares Designer

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How to plan your house’s colours from scratch

Designer and House & Garden contributing editor Matilda Goad, whose scalloped homewares are to be found in all the most stylish interiors, gives her guide to planning a house full of colour. Her practised eye for colour, honed by designing her own bright and beautiful lampshades, planters, and linens, is currently being occupied by her own top-to-bottom house renovation, and Matilda will be sharing her insights and techniques for choosing, coordinating, and living with colour in the home.