Richard Hoppe Antiques

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Richard Hoppe Antiques

European glass, scent bottles and objets de vertu, Art Nouveau and Art Deco ceramic tiles


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  • 14.9cm/5.8in square.
  • 14.5cm/5.75in square.
  •  Height including frame 30.8cm/12.25in, width 15.6cm/6.25in.
  • 18cm/7in square including frame.
  • Height 8.5cm/3.25in, width 4.5cm/1.75in, depth 2.5cm/1in.
  •  Height 5.5cm/2in, diameter 2cm/0.75in.
  • Height 9.5cm/3.7in, widest diameter 2cm/0.75in.
  • Height 19.5cm/7.75in, rim diameter 9.5cm/3.75in.
  • Height 42.5cm/16.75in; rim diameter 16cm/6.25in.
  • Height 31.5cm/12.5in, width 17cm/6.75in, depth 5.5cm/2in.
  • Height 9cm/3.5in, width 17.7cm/7in, depth 12.7cm/5in.
  • Height 20.5cm/8in, rim diameter 15cm/6in, weight 1.6kg/3.53lb.
  • Height including bow 6.5cm/2.5in; bow width 3.7cm/1.5in, watch diameter 2.7cm/1in.
  • Framed ready to hang. 17.5cm/6.75in square.
  • Height 33cm/13in, width 39.5cm/15.5in, depth 10cm/4in.
  •  Height 27.5cm/10.75in, width 33cm/13in depth 14.5cm/5.75in.
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