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Specialist dealer in Japanese Works of Art. 

Laura Bordignon has been specialising in Japanese works of art since 1997 particularly metalwork and okimono carvings from the Meiji period, of which she has developed a significant knowledge.
As a result she is consulted by an international clientele, advising collectors on how to expand their existing collections as well as starting new ones.
Laura's detailed knowledge allowed her to write the book titled "The Golden Age of Japanese Okimono" a long time ambition of hers. As very little has been published on the subject the book introduces readers to the most comprehensive study of Japanese Okimono artists active during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). Beautifully illustrated with over 200 photographs of Japanese carvings, bronzes and shibayama objects from the Dr A.M Kanter Collection, guidance is given to help collectors identify the different materials used for these carvings as well as the various metalwork and shibayama techniques.


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  • Japanese bronze owl naturalistically modelled standing on one leg while perched on a root wood base, the details finely engraved and worked in silver, shakudo and gold, with inlaid glass eyes signed i ...
  • Japanese silver small chest of drawers (kodansu 小箪笥) decorated with cherry blossoms, bamboo and chrysanthemums, with black lacquer interior drawers signed Shuzan koku 洲山刻 (carved by Shuzan), late Meij ...
  • Japanese bronze of a golden pheasant (Kiji 雉) with silvered body naturalistically rendered with details worked in shakudo and gilt, having inlaid glass eyes signed in an oval reserve Shubi (Hideyoshi) ...
  • Japanese silver shibayama koro inset with kinji gold lacquer panels finely inlaid in mother-of-pearl, coconut shell and coral with birds and flowers designs, applied with silver mounts and translucent ...
  • Japanese bronze entertainer (ex-Lű Xiaguang Collection) holding a fan, his robe richly decorated with gilt cranes and floral details, on a lacquered wood base with foliate scrolls signed in a rectangu ...
  • Japanese pair of bronze quails one is looking to the left, the other is preening its feathers with gilt and shakudo eyes, signed in an oval reserve Atsuyoshi saku 厚義作 with seal Maruki sei まるき製 (made b ...
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