Apollo Galleries

Stand: C70

Aptly named after the god of light, art & knowledge, Apollo brings you the ancient past through antiquities and numismatics.

Founded by Dr. Ivan Bonchev in 2010, Apollo encompasses all aspects of collecting and appreciating ancient art, antiquities, and coins. Our specialties include; Ancient Roman, Greek, Asian, Egyptian, Medieval, Viking, and Neolithic.

Our main gallery, based in Bloomsbury, offers an expertly curated selection of pieces from throughout history. Here we welcome visitors from all over the world to view and learn more about our work in person and through upcoming special events, exhibitions, and lectures. 

With a 20,000-strong client database, we are internationally recognized, with clients from over 70 countries. We also assist in the maintenance of collections for clients old and new, and we welcome the consignment of antiquities for both our gallery and auctions



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