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Over the course of a quarter of a century the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery has built an international reputation for innovation, individuality, energy and excellence.

'Boldness is sometimes rewarded…Rebecca Hossack's are amongst the few galleries [from the late Eighties] which have not only survived but thrived, and they have done so because they do not depend on the ephemeral thrills of trendy art.' The Economist 

Rebecca Hossack has been a great champion of Non-Western artistic traditions. Hers was the first art gallery in Europe to exhibit Australian aboriginal painting, and it continues to promote such work through its regular Songlines seasons. Rebecca Hossack has also curated important exhibitions of work from the Bushmen of the Kalahari, from Papua New Guinea, and from tribal India. Much of this art would simply not have been seen in the UK but for the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.

'Two people are largely responsible for bringing awareness of Aboriginal culture to this country: the late swashbuckling bisexual writer Bruce Chatwin, in his magical book Songlines, and the Australian art dealer Rebecca Hossack.' Independent

The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery also exhibits across the broad spectrum of Western Contemporary Art, while determinedly moving against some of the dominant currents of the modern art scene. Through the work of painters such as Alasdair Wallace, David Whitaker, Emma Haworth, Rob Tucker, the sculptor Ross Bonfanti, the ceramicist Ann Stokes, digital printmakers Phil Shaw and Rose Blake, the gallery celebrates and promotes inclusiveness, individuality, spirit, innovation, technical accomplishment and beauty.

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