19 May 2022

Pair of 19th century gilt bronze ewers by Ferdinand Barbedienne

Lennox Cato Antiques Stand: E30

A very fine pair of exhibition quality, solid agate and ormolu ewers by Ferdinand Barbedienne.
Signed F. Barbedienne, Paris.
Barbedienne was the magic name in gilt bronze work in the late 19th century. The quality of his work was exceptional. Note the detailing on these pieces , even down to the little tassels on the corners of the cushion that the naked maiden stands on. Exquisite!

Height 41cm
Base 11cm X 11cm

Circa 1870

Ferdinand Barbedienne began his Parisian foundry in 1839, in partnership with Achille Collas (1795 -1859). Originally known for bronze reductions of famous classical sculptures, Barbedienne, beginning in the 1850s, developed the manufacturing of decorative objects in bronze with enamel decoration in various revival styles. Following the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war in 1870, the firm had to turn to canon founding for a short time, before returning to normal business afterwards.