Tabriz Carpet

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  • Tabriz Carpet
  • Tabriz Carpet
  • Tabriz Carpet
Tabriz Carpet Tabriz Carpet Tabriz Carpet

The city of Tabriz in north-west Persia has been a major city of fine rug weaving since the 14th century, possibly earlier. Antique Tabriz carpets are distinguished by their excellent weave and remarkable adherence to the traditions of classical Persian rug design.

This 19th century Tabriz has a remarkable quality and a rare grey-green colour field complementing the unusual colour composition of its drawing which is spacious in relation to its size. Framed by a wide terracotta border, the rug is in good condition, still retaining its original fringes and selvedges on all sides.

This antique Tabriz carpet is in very good to excellent condition.

An elegant piece to complement classic or contemporary settings.


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