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Apothecary Box

Mark Goodger Stand: 57
  • Apothecary Box
  • Apothecary Box
  • Apothecary Box
Apothecary Box Apothecary Box Apothecary Box

Antique Apothecary box made of solid mahogany with brass corner brackets for added strength, with flush carry, handles on each side and a large ornate vacant brass initial plate on the top and matching shaped escutcheon.

Lifting the lid of the Apothecary box reveals a red ruched velvet underside the lid which helps hold the various jars and bottles in place during transit. The edge of the lid has a brass plaque which reads: “From Apothecaries Hall, London”.

This box contains 12 varying sized glass jars, some of which still have their original contents and glass plate for mixing and crushing of remedies. The jars are labelled: “Stomachic Aperient Powder, Carbonate Soda, Tincture of Rhubarb, Powdered Turkey Rhubarb, Tartaric Acid, Sweet Spirit Nitre, Spirit of Sal Volatile, Comb. Cambor Liniment, Spirit of Camphor, Compound spt. Lavender.”

On the front edge of the open box just to the right of the lock keep is a brass pin that keeps the drawer at the front of the box secure whilst locked. This drawer contains a removable tray that houses weighing scales, weights and a palette knife. Underneath this tray are padded storage compartments that house a mortar & pestle, measuring beaker, and 5 glass jars two of which have silver screw tops. These are labelled: “Compound Rhubarb, Antibilious Pills, Ipecacuanha, Dover's Powder, Calomel.

Apothecaries Hall is at Black Friars Lane, London. It is the headquarters of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London, one of the livery companies of the City of London. It is one of the largest livery companies and ranks 58th in their order of precedence.

This wonderful apothecary box comes with a fully working lock and tasselled key.


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